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Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP)

East St. Paul Citizens on Patrol Program

Working Together to Help Prevent Crime

Crime prevention is a police-community partnership.  East St. Paul is very fortunate to have an RCMP detachment in the community.  By working together, we can reduce crime by watching and becoming more proactive in reporting suspicious activities within the community. Having safe communities with low crime includes utilizing a local citizen’s crime prevention initiative to assist with law enforcement measures.

Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program (MB COPP) is recognized as a proven crime prevention strategy with a successful track record of helping communities maintain and create safer neighborhoods.  It is endorsed by law enforcement agencies with active groups throughout Manitoba.  Strong emphasis is placed on crime deterrence, education and awareness as a demonstrated method to help counteract criminal activity.

East St. Paul is part of MB COPP.  Community members must play a crucial role as participants in the program for it to remain effective.  Members provide a visible presence patrolling the community by vehicle, walking or even bicycling through the neighborhoods, as a valuable extension to policing.   Patrollers are identifiable by the distinctive blue lettered COPP logo displayed on the doors of their vehicles.  Members also wear highly reflective yellow vests while walking or cycling.  COPP members’ role is observational, documenting and reporting questionable criminal activities to the RCMP.  They never become personably involved or physically engaged, as this is for trained law enforcement officers.

To maintain the integrity of the program, members are required to clear a criminal record search (the fee is waived for COPP). All members will receive an initial training session provided by the Provincial COPP network. Training includes what to watch for while on patrol, reporting procedures, and how to report it. For more information go to:

If you are interested in getting involved in the community by helping reduce crime please consider participating in East St. Paul Citizens on Patrol Program (ESP COPP). Patrol frequency, times and locations are extremely flexible. Patrol when it fits your schedule, have fun, and get to know your neighbours. A vehicle patrol reimbursement is available to offset fuel expenses.

A downloadable application can be found here:  ESP COPP Application Form

To learn more about participating with ESP COPP please contact:

Brian Wachko
Coordinator, East St. Paul COPP