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Coyote Awareness in the RM of East St Paul

Posted: June 21, 2017

Coyote Awareness in the RM of East St Paul


The RM is committed to having a safe and vibrant community.  Recently there have been an increased number of sightings and encounters with coyotes in the community. While there has been great effort by the RM to help control the population it will always remain that there will be a healthy population of coyotes living within the RM.  The fact is that many urban environments, like Ottawa, Vancouver, Chicago, etc.  have coyote populations living within them.   This is not a unique situation to East St Paul.

One way to manage coyotes is through resident education.  The more people that are aware and educated in the community on how to deal with coyotes the better.  There are many resources online that help explain how to co-exist with coyotes and how to deal with encounters.  The following links will be useful to read and will help educate ourselves on dealing with wildlife.

Government of Manitoba Wildlife Branch Publications



Government of Manitoba Coexistence of Pets and Wildlife


If there are any coyote sighting or encounters, please notify the Operations Department at 204-668-8336 or by email at operations@eaststpaul.com . Please try to be as descriptive as possible including the time, date and location of the sighting/encounter.  The municipality keeps records of all sightings/encounters for planning purposes and to track any possible "problem” animals. The RM works closely with an animal control specialist and with Manitoba Sustainable Development to create strategic management plans. 

As we enjoy the summer months please educate yourselves on co-existing with coyotes so we can all have a safe and happy year.



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