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Posted: May 19, 2017



May 21st to 27th, 2017 is proclaimed as "Public Works Week” in the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul and is in conjunction with the National Public Works Week.  Within East St. Paul there are many facets to "Public Works” and the overall department has been identified as the Operations Department.  The health, safety, comfort and quality of life of this community greatly depends on the actions of the Operations Department.


The Operations Department is responsible for the operations, maintenance and implementation of;

·         Parks, playgrounds and greenspaces;

·         Sidewalks and pathways;

·         Municipal buildings;

·         Baseball diamonds and soccer fields;

·         Arena and outdoor rinks;

·         Mosquito, weed and animal control;

·         Boulevard trees and Dutch Elm Disease tree removals;

·         Community beautification with Christmas lights, banners and flower pots;

·         Land drainage, catch basins, ditches, culverts and retention ponds;

·         Solid waste, yard waste and recycling collection contracts;

·         Transfer station operations;

·         Municipal roads and streets, which includes pothole repair, line painting and dust control;

·         Traffic control and street name signage;

·         Snow removal and ice control;

·         Water supply, treatment, distribution and water meters;

·         Sewage collection, treatment and disposal;

·         Infrastructure construction and reconstruction;

·         Assist with development planning, design review and oversee construction;

·         Farmers Market and Communities in Bloom program;

·         Recreation programs; and

·         Banquet hall, arena, soccer field and baseball diamond rentals.



With 26 full-time staff, 12 summer/seasonal staff and 5 winter/seasonal staff, the Operations Department is dedicated to providing a safe environment with a superior level of public service to the residents of East St. Paul. Should you have any concerns or requests with respect to any of the areas that the Operations Department is responsible for, we recommend you contact us directly at 204-668-8336 or by email at operations@eaststpaul.com


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