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2017 Weed Notice

Posted: April 26, 2017

2017 Weed Notice

ATTENTION:  All Rural Municipality of East St. Paul Property Owners

Official notice is hereby given by the RM of East St. Paul, that as per the Noxious Weeds Act section 3 (1)  Each occupant of land, or, if the land is unoccupied, the owner thereof, or the agent of the owner, and each person, firm, or corporation who is in control of, or in possession of, or in charge of, land, shall destroy all noxious weeds and noxious weed seeds growing or located on the land as often as may be necessary to prevent the growth, ripening and scattering of weeds or seeds.

If weeds are not destroyed, the RM of East St. Paul (or its contractor) may enter the land/property and destroy weeds (sec. 19, Noxious Weeds Act), and charge the cost of weed control to the property owner through the tax rolls (sec. 27, Noxious Weeds Act).

The RM of East St. Paul will be making periodic inspections of lands within the Municipality and will enforce weed control. Any information on specific locations where weeds are flourishing should be brought to the attention of the Weed Inspector by phoning (204) 668-8336 or by e-mail to andrew.toews@eaststpaul.com.


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