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2017 Spring Flood Forecast 2

Posted: March 27, 2017

2017 Spring Flood Forecast 2


On Friday March 24th, 2017 the Province of Manitoba issued a flood forecast for the Red River Valley including the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul. The new forecast, with the benefit of floodway operations, has forecast river levels at James Avenue in Winnipeg to be 15 feet with favourable weather conditions or 18 feet with unfavourable weather conditions.

The most recent forecast reduces the potential of river flooding in low lying areas along the Red River. Early provincial flood forecasts had river levels at 21.5-22-feet at James Avenue, causing the municipality to commence flood preparations.

When the Red River reaches an elevation of 21 feet at James Avenue, low lying areas along the Red River have the potential for flooding

This new forecast will ease concerns for flooding however; the municipality will continue to monitor river levels until the river starts to recede.  

Residents in the flood prone areas will be kept up to date on Red River conditions as the municipality receives them. All major updates that may affect residents in low lying areas will have information hand delivered to their residence.

Please see all additional updates posted on the municipal website, email, twitter and face book social media accounts.

Warning to all Residents:

Please take all precautions and ensure all children and pets are kept away from the Red River, creeks and municipal drains due to high water conditions, fast moving water and weak ice conditions.  


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