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PUBLIC NOTICE: Snow Clearing Policy

Posted: December 6, 2016

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Snow Clearing Policy

Following a major snowfall, all Priority I streets are cleared of snow immediately.  All Priority I streets will be cleared to bare surface within a 24 hour period.  Priority II streets are cleared of snow to a bare surface whenever conditions allow. Windrows across private walks and approaches will not be removed.

For gradual accumulation of snow, Priority I streets are cleared of snow to bare surface after three (3) cm of snow, or as required.  Sidewalks will be cleared to a compacted snow surface following a five (5) cm snowfall accumulation. In the clearing of snow from sidewalks, windrows across private approaches and/or walks will not be removed.

During the winter, sanding and salting are done on an "as required" basis to ensure a reasonable level of service for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Please note:  Snow is NOT to be pushed, shoveled or blown from any residential or commercial property onto Municipal roadways.


Residents should expect snowplows to make unanticipated maneuvers such as backing up and making wide turns. The amber warning lights on snow removal equipment are there to alert motorists and remind them to yield the right of way.

Stay back from snowplows and other snow removal equipment when you are following behind to avoid your car being hit by sand or ice and snow, which may fall from the equipment.  Remember that plow operators have limited vision from inside the equipment.

For more information on snow removal in East St. Paul, please follow the links below to our municipal website.

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