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Reducing Coyote Problems

Posted: December 1, 2016

Reducing Coyote Problems

  • Do not feed coyotes or any other wildlife, especially near human habitation.
  • Keep all garbage in plastic or metal containers with lids tightly secured.
  • Keep children under close supervision while they are outside.
  • Bring pet food inside a secure location every night or, better yet, feed your pet indoors.
  • Keep pets inside at night and under close supervision whey they are outside during the day.
  • Avoid close contact with any wild animal or wild animal feces to prevent exposure to disease or parasites, and ensure your pet's vaccinations are up to date.
  • Coyotes can also be removed by a homeowner at anytime in defense of private property or to protect personal safety on land that they own.  Property owners may also use the services of another individual, such as a licensed trapper, to address a particular problem coyote on their property.

Encountering a Coyote
  • Never approach or crowd a coyote - give it an escape route.
  • Stop, remain calm and assess your situation.
  • If the coyote seems unaware of you, move away quietly when it is not looking in your direction.
  • If the coyote is aware of you, let it know you are human: shout at it, wave your arms above your head to make yourself appear more threatening, throw stones or other objects at it.
  • If the coyote continues to approach, back away slowly and more toward buildings or human activity.
  • Do not turn away or run - this may encourage the coyote to chase you.

If the coyote attacks you - FIGHT BACK! 

Information courtesy Province of Manitoba/Wildlife Branch


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