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East St. Paul representatives attend West St. Paul Centennial

Posted: January 12, 2016

 East St. Paul representatives attend West St. Paul Centennial
East St. Paul Mayor Shelley Hart and chief administrative officer Bruce Schmidt represented the Municipality at the Rural Municipality of West St. Paul’s 100th anniversary of its first council meeting on Jan. 4.
Prior to this meeting 100 years ago, the two St. Pauls were one Municipality, and since then, the two St. Pauls have maintained a collaborative approach in working together.
Both have sent representatives to the other’s commemorative centennial celebrations. East St. Paul held its commemoration event in November, to celebrate the centennial of the day the Manitoba Legislative Assembly passed the law creating the two municipalities.
The West St. Paul celebration began with a special Council meeting, where a resolution outlining Centennial events to be held in 2016 was passed. A proclamation celebrating the community’s first 100 years was also signed.


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