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2014 Flood Report #3

Posted: April 24, 2014

Posted April 24, 2014
Protection of Property Policy

The Province of Manitoba recently issued a bulletin indicating the Red River crested in Winnipeg on April 22, 2014 at a level of 19.17 James Av.  The river is now slowly starting to recede.

As of Thursday afternoon (April 24), the level at James Ave was recorded as 18.3 feet.   If you are interested, the following web link provides real time date for river levels throughout various parts of the City of Winnipeg.  www.winnipeg.ca/publicworks/pwddata/riverlevels.

Some water has naturally entered the floodway due to the higher river levels but the floodway has not been opened.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the province indicated the floodway will not be used this year.  It appears the threat from ice jams have mostly diminished however resources are monitoring the situation. 

As a result, it appears there will not be any action required within our municipality regarding flooding from the Red River.   The effect of the recent precipitation is also being monitored.  

There is still potential for some overland flooding in some areas of the municipality.  Many of the properties that are prone to overland flooding are known and it appears this is an annual event.  There is an expectation that property owners who fall into this category have a responsibility to take preventative action in order to mitigate the annual flooding.    

Council has recently passed a policy regarding the distribution of sand bags within the municipality. The policy is self-explanatory and a copy of has been posted on the municipal web site for your information.

Residents are reminded the banks near the river and creeks are still dangerous and should be avoided due to high water currents. 

Detailed flood reports and bulletins can be accessed on the provincial web site www.manitoba.ca/flooding

Please contact the administration staff in the municipal office if you have any questions and someone from the Emergency Response Committee will provide with the information.

East St. Paul Emergency response Committee 


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