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2014 Flood Preparations Notice #2

Posted: April 20, 2014

In spite of recent precipitation in our area and southern Manitoba, the province is reporting there are no significant changes to the 2014 flood forecasts.  Although the cooler weather is frustrating, lower temperatures during the day and colder temperature at night is the best case scenario in order to mitigate floods.

Slower thaw during the day and freezing overnight prevent higher water flows into the creeks and river systems.    On the downside however, lower temperature slows down the ice melt in the Red River.  As a result, localized flooding due to ice jams is still a concern.  Ice conditions are being monitored on a daily basis.  In addition, a rapid thaw during the day could result in some overland flooding.  

The Red River remains within its banks from the U.S. border to the Winnipeg area.  The province reported the Red River has already crested in Grand Forks, North Dakota and is starting to recede.  This is good news. Red River levels recorded south of our municipality are used to predict river levels in our area. 

As of Tuesday, April 15, 2014, the river level at the James Street pumping station was 11.5 feet.  The crest is predicted to be around 15.4 feet.  As was reported in the previous bulletin, a river level of 21.5 feet (James) would trigger a flood mitigation response for our municipality.   

Water levels within the creeks and Red River will continue to rise over the next few weeks.  In addition, the current flow will increase substantially causing dangerous conditions.  Parents and caregivers are asked to watch over their children and keep them away from all areas near the water.  

Residents should be mindful that river conditions are constantly changing which can result in changes to the forecast.

Detailed flood reports and bulletins can be accessed on the provincial web site www.manitoba.ca/flooding.  

Please contact the administration staff in the municipal office if you have any questions and someone from the Emergency Response Committee will provide with the information.

RM East St. Paul Emergency Response Committee
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