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East St. Paul COPP conducting random parked vehicle checks with eye to reducing crime

Posted: July 21, 2021


On July 22, members of East St. Paul Citizens On Patrol Program (COPP) will conduct a random check of parked vehicles in an effort to educate the public on ways to reduce theft from vehicles.


COPP members will be looking through windows of parked cars and trucks in the municipality to see if valuable items have been left in plain view, making the vehicle more likely to be targeted by criminals.


A thief who has your garage door opener has access to your garage, and if it’s attached to your house, may have access to that as well.


COPP members will not be entering vehicles.


A tag will be left under the vehicle’s windshield wiper indicating if items like keys, money, garage door openers and any possessions were left visible in the vehicle and also whether the vehicle was locked or not.


COPP reminds East St. Paul residents to ensure all valuables are removed from your vehicles and that your doors are locked when it is parked anywhere.


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