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Six-month trial for Mowat, Pritchard Farm Road stop sign

Posted: July 21, 2021

Six-month trial for Mowat, Pritchard Farm Road stop sign

 The four-way stop at Mowat and Pritchard Farm
roads will be reviewed in six months.

In response to residents’ concerns over speeding and pedestrian safety, a four-way stop sign has been placed at the intersection of Pritchard Farm Road and Mowat Road.

Traffic counts done in 2020 near the intersection showed the average north and southbound weekday traffic on Mowat Road was approximately 840 vehicles per day and the average east and westbound on Pritchard Farm Road was 1,305.

Placement of a four-way stop sign usually requires daily traffic counts of 5,000 vehicles per day before it’s recommended, however in this case an exception was made.

Pritchard Farm Road spans 2.4 km between Raleigh and Henderson Highway and had no traffic controls in place, a considerable length of roadway with no controls. The Mowat Road intersection was selected as both roads are major roadways.

It is hoped that the stop signs will have the desired effect of slowing traffic.

The traffic will be monitored over a six-month period and residents are encouraged to provide feedback on the stop sign’s effectiveness. A decision on whether or not to keep the control in place will be made at that time.


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