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Concerns with ORVs? Call RCMP

Posted: June 28, 2021

Concerns with ORVs? Call RCMP

If you have a concern or complaint about the operation of Off Road Vehicles (ORV) in the municipality, please call the Red River North RCMP Detachment.

There are local by-laws that govern the use of ORVs, and while the RM’s contractor, Prairie By-Law Enforcement (PBLE) can enforce those, anything that falls under provincial Acts is the responsibility of the RCMP.

Sergeant Joe Duncan of the Red River North Detachment says PBLE can enforce by-laws only whereas RCMP can enforce by-laws and provincial Acts.

"RCMP can enforce by-laws of the municipality and we can also enforce the Off Road Vehicle Act, which is provincial legislation,” Duncan said.

"The Act includes things like not wearing a helmet and travelling where prohibited. It’s basically to cover things where there isn’t a by-law in place.”

Other examples of items in the act include more passengers than the ORV is designed for, not wearing a seatbelt in the new side by sides, careless operation and consuming of cannabis and/ or alcohol.”

Duncan says if someone witnesses an infraction they should report it to the RCMP and not to PBLE.

"It’s provincial legislation and that falls under our mandate. I’m not saying that they can’t call bylaw, but they should call us first.”

Duncan said there’s been an increase in the use of ORVs over the course of the pandemic and therefore and increase in complaints as well.

He suggested anyone who is going to use an ORV familiarize themselves with both the municipal by-laws and the provincial ORV Act and the Highway Traffic Act.

Red River North Detachment phone number: (204) 668-8322


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