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Early spring melt reveals winter’s dirty secret - dog poop

Posted: March 19, 2021

Early spring melt reveals winter’s dirty secret - dog poop

There’s a saying - ‘Same sh*t, different pile’. That sentiment sums up quite nicely the annual reveal of dog droppings when the winter’s snow begins to melt.

The weather has quickly turned from frigid to fabulous, and the mess that we deal with every year is once again upon us.

The weather also brings more and more people outdoors walking on trails in the municipality and having to dodge Fido’s mess is annoying and disturbing.

It’s a problem that we face every winter and spring, and we’re once again reminding dog owners to please clean up after your dog.

Jack Lawless, an East St. Paul resident and dog owner, says the mess is simply unacceptable.

"As a dog owner, I am thoroughly disgusted with my fellow dog owners who have allowed their dogs to defecate on and along the Floodway path without being responsible and picking up after their dogs,” Lawless said.

"What once was a pleasant walk, is now a repulsive mess. And there is no excuse. The RM provides waste receptacles, which upon inspection were empty.”

There are no doubt countless other responsible owners that feel the same way.

There are children who walk and play in the municipality and stepping in dog droppings is something that simply shouldn’t happen.

Please, make an effort to keep the municipality clean and clean up after your dog.


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