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Coyote education signs go up in East St. Paul

Posted: November 6, 2020

Coyote education signs go up in East St. Paul

The RM of East St. Paul has placed 11 signs in locations throughout the municipality warning the public of the possible presence of coyotes.

The signs educate people to the presence of wildlife in ESP parks, including coyotes, and provide a description and photo of a coyote along with tips on what to do if you encounter a coyote.

Coyotes have erect ears, bushy, fox-like black-tipped tails that they carry low, a slim muzzle and a slim build. They often appear heavier because they can have a thick, double coat of fur which can cause people to mistake them for a slender German Shepherd dog.

The signs warn the public not to feed coyotes and offers the following safety tips if you run into one:
  • Stay calm and never run
  • Use a noise maker
  • Make yourself appear larger and shout and/or clap your hands together

Dogs in the RM are not permitted to run loose, and people are reminded that keeping your dog on a leash keeps them safe from many things, including coyotes. Cats should also not be allowed to roam free, as coyotes will attack them as well.

For more information on coyotes and how to coexist with them, click HERE.


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