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COPP auto theft prevention tips

Posted: September 2, 2020

East St. Paul

A reminder to lock your vehicles

A reminder that theft from auto is a crime of opportunity.  Auto Crime can occur day or night in anywhere.  Auto crime includes theft and attempted theft of a vehicle as well vandalism, and theft of possessions.  The biggest reason that cars are broken into is for the valuables inside.

Unsecured vehicles with valuables left visible is an invitation to auto crime. Thieves will take the opportunity to rummage through your car if unlocked, steal your possessions, and gain access by any means necessary if they deem an item in your vehicle is valuable. 

If you must leave something important in your car, put it in your trunk before you reach your destination. Experienced thieves have been known to stake out areas, looking for drivers transferring items to their car trunk, and then break into the trunk. 


  • Always roll up your car windows, lock the doors and pocket the key.
  • Do not keep spare keys in the vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle in your garage, take the keys out.
  • Park in a well-lit busy area. Avoid leaving your vehicle in an unattended parking lot for a long period of time.
  • Never leave valuables or packages visible; take them with you or put them in the trunk.
  • Don’t leave your garage opener or vehicle registration in your vehicle. If thieves obtain these items, they could use them to commit other crimes including identity theft or break & enter. 

Once criminals know there are unlocked vehicles in an area, they will keep coming back. Be a good neighbour; don't give thieves a reason to visit your neighbourhood.

Report any suspicious activity such as individuals actively looking into vehicles and checking the door handles to the RCMP.


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