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Councillor Corner - Ward 4, Charles Posthumus

Posted: August 31, 2020

Councillor Corner
Ward 4 - Charles Posthumus

I am proud to have served the residents of Ward 4 and East St. Paul for the past four terms. As an elected member on the Board of the Red River Basin Commission (RRBC) and as the Chair of the North Chapter, I would like to take the opportunity to talk about one of the projects the RRBC is working on that will benefit the RM of East St. Paul.

The Commission consists of representatives from Manitoba, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and First Nations communities. Manitoba has four representatives on the Board from rural communities – two from the North Chapter and two from the South Chapter. In addition, there is a representative from the City of Winnipeg and the City of Selkirk.

The vision of the Commission is to work together with residents, community organizations, and government to help facilitate a cooperative approach to water management. The Commission is a forum for identifying, developing and implementing solutions to cross boundary issues. It is dedicated to innovation in the management of the Red River Basin’s water resources.

The RRBC has focused on developing a new LiDAR Program, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging and uses light in the form of pulse laser to measure ranges to the earth. East St. Paul will be receiving free access to the $2.2 million software program through the RRBC. This program will help to unify the system used in Manitoba, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, and is five times more accurate that the old system.

The RM of ESP will be able to input all of its main drains, culverts, holding ponds, residential ditches and waterways into the program. This will allow the RM to have an accurate inventory, allowing us to identify where natural retention ponds can be created. LiDAR also allows us to collect tree top vegetation which will give us a solid inventory of our trees and how they impact water management.

Over the last few years, the importance of recognizing Climate Change and the need for good solid Water Management Plans have come to the forefront. For example, in recent weeks our friends in the south and in Brandon have seen major downpours creating much damage for the area. As they work to clean up from the flooding, they have also been working towards creating water management plans. Water Management Plans are a priority for East St. Paul, along with updating LiDAR so the plans created are effective and proactive.

The RRBC is pleased that the south portion of our basin is now complete with LiDAR coverage and we are continuing to work with the Province to recapture areas where the LiDAR data is aging. The North chapter will provide LiDAR classes for municipal staff in the fall and will complete its Climate Adaptation Plans for both the southern and northern regions of the Red River Basin. As we move forward, the chapter will continue to work within its region to build on and protect water management and water quality with the Red River Basin and beyond. Should you wish more information you can access the RRBC website at

In addition to updating all residents on the implementation of LiDAR, I wanted to specifically mention several improvements in my own Ward for the coming year. In Ward 4, we are looking forward to the resurfacing of Wallace this summer. This year’s budget will also purchase all materials to complete the drainage projects for Ward 4 next year. We have seen the use of speed indicators on several streets reminding residents of the posted speeds with the hope of decreasing speeding. We have included funds in our budget to replace many trees throughout Ward 4. We have also purchased a pond cleaning machine that will be seen in operation throughout the summer. I would like to thank all residents of Ward 4 for your continued support and wish all residents a safe and happy summer!

I look forward to continuing to serve Ward 4 and the residents of East St. Paul and encourage you to contact me at charles.posthumus@eaststpaul.com or at (204) 663-0210 should you have any questions or concerns.


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