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Hoddinott to get new surface this summer

Posted: July 17, 2020

Hoddinott to get new surface this summer

Left photo - Hoddinott Road in its current condition
Right photo - Henderson Highway following microsurfacing

The RM is following asset management principals in its decision to use a technique called microsurfacing on Hoddinott Road to extend the roadway’s lifespan.

The RM implemented Phase 1 of its asset management program last June, which included identifying five asset areas the program will initially focus on, which are fleet and mobile equipment, roads network, sewer system, water system, buildings and facilities.
Asset management is a municipality’s plan for how to manage municipal infrastructure in order to provide services to residents in a way that meets their expectations and is financially sustainable in the future.
Microsurfacing is a protective seal of asphalt emulsion, mixed with crushed stone and polymer that is used to extend the life of existing pavement.
It is a cost effective method of renewing the road surface, sealing minor cracks along with other irregularities, while protecting the existing pavement from moisture penetration and oxidation.
Hoddinott Road is an excellent candidate for microsurfacing, as the road still holds structural integrity but minor cracks are starting to form throughout. The need for cold roll asphalt patching on Hoddinott will be eliminated with the use of the microsurfacing process.
Based on Hoddinott’s traffic volumes, the microsurfacing should last approximately 10 years and at that time a second application can be performed to extend the road’s lifespan a further 10 years. At that time, it would mostly likely require a full reconstruction.


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