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Follow the lead of the Kids of Keedian Drive – keep East St. Paul clean!

Posted: May 7, 2020

Follow the lead of the Kids of Keedian Drive – keep East St. Paul clean!

If you’ve got a story like this, we want to hear from you! 

After performing their annual garbage pick-up on the trails around their Keedian Drive homes, including the Silver Springs Park pits, brother and sister Ivan and Maddy and their friend Rilla had a message for those who left behind dog waste and several bags worth of garbage: 

"We are the kids of Keedian Drive and we found 58 bags of poop, and that is not cool!” they scolded on a video they made showing their disturbing haul.  

Ivan and Maddy’s mom, Candace Russell Summers, said the kids have been doing the clean up for years and decided to reach out to the community and let everyone know that the garbage is more than disgusting, it threatens the environment.  

They’ve even talked about placing an animal camera along the trails to catch the poop droppers in the act.  

"Some of the poop bags are green, blue, pink and purple. We think that more than one person is doing this. We just would like it to stop,” Candace said. 

"We would also like people to stop throwing their garbage out on the trail too. We are so lucky to have the pits in this community and we want to make sure that wildlife has a clean space to live and we want to make sure the water in the pits keeps as clean as possible.” 

The Keedian kids found a pallet and particleboard framed with lumber in the middle of the pits. It was too heavy for them to haul out so arrangements were made with the RM to have Operations remove it.  

Unfortunately, colourful bags of dog poop have been marking the East St. Paul landscape for years. The RM sends out e-mail blasts to remind people to pick up after their dogs, and our April newsletter contained a similar plea to keep the neighbourhood clean.  

And while we believe the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and are cleaning up after their pets, the small group that don’t have a huge impact on the community and the people.  

Please consider that dog poop left on the ground, in a bag or not, is dirty and when someone steps in it, they track feces everywhere they go, including into their own homes, into local stores and more.

And it’s sad to think that young children might step in animal waste and be unaware. Please be considerate of others, and stop polluting our neighbourhoods.    

On a positive note 

The Kids of Keedian Drive aren’t the only ones who have been doing their part to clean up after those who aren’t treating our environment as well. A report came into Mayor Shelley Hart of an anonymous Good Samaritan who cleaned up a stretch of ditch on Mowat north of Chase that had been littered with a significant number of spirit bottles. Congratulations and thanks to the secret cleaner! 

If you’ve done a neighbourhood clean up, please let us know and we’ll recognize you for your good work. Send a little write up and some photos of you or your kids and we’ll send out e-blasts and put you in the next newsletter.  

East St. Paul is better when we all work together to keep our community clean and safe!  
Top:  The kids also took time to brighten up the community with this uplifting message in chalk.   
Bottom Left:  The Kids of Keedian Drive, left to right, Ivan, Rilla and Maddy, did their annual neighbourhood clean up recently and were shocked by the amount of garbage and dog poop.  

Bottom Right:  A garbage bag along Mowat following the ditch clean up by an anonymous Good Samaritan.


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