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ESP Flood Preparedness Team monitoring, ready

Posted: February 14, 2020

ESP Flood Preparedness Team monitoring, ready

If you have been following the weather news for the past few months, you will have learned that for the month of September 2019, southern Manitoba received the highest amount of precipitation in more than 100 years.
If you factor in the snowstorm we experienced on the Thanksgiving weekend as well as the deep freeze that followed, the latest reports indicate the soil saturation is above normal to well above normal in most areas.  The Red River Floodway was also put into operation in the fall for the first time in its history and remained open for 29 days.  Lastly, the Dakota's south of us have experienced well above normal amounts of precipitation as well.  It is unknown what the impact will be to southern Manitoba.
Although all of these conditions are not ideal, it is too early to tell what the potential for a spring flood will be.  Residents need to be reminded there was a potential for some flooding in spring 2019.  No flood occurred in our municipality as we experienced an ideal thaw-freeze cycle with little precipitation.
This is the background that is facing the municipality as we start looking forward to the potential flood forecast for this spring.  There are still many factors that can affect the river level such as snowfall and most importantly the melt conditions in the spring.  The East St. Paul Emergency Preparedness Team has met on a number of occasions and established a Flood Preparedness Team.  This is what you need to know:
  • All information regarding flood forecasting, river levels etc., comes directly from the Province of Manitoba.  This is the sole source of information.

  • As of the date of this article, the Province of Manitoba has not yet issued any flood forecast for spring 2020.

  • Residents are being reminded that a lot of work has been completed in those areas affected by flooding in the past.  Of note is the completion of permanent dikes made possible through government grants.  These permanent dikes have a significant impact in the municipality by mitigating potential flood threats.

  • East St. Paul has many pieces of equipment used for flood fighting including emergency response trailers, numerous pumps, hoses and generators.

  • Work is currently underway to prepare and test all of the equipment to make sure it is in running order.

  • The Flood Preparedness Team is examining maps that were created during past high river levels in the municipality to see the areas that were impacted.

  • Aqua Dams used in past flood fighting have been tested as well as approval was received from Council to purchase additional Aqua Dams.

  • The municipality has a large supply of sand bags prepared and ready for use.

The East St. Paul Flood Preparedness Team will continue to monitor the situation and gather data from the province in the upcoming weeks.  Information regarding the potential for a spring flood will be provided to our residents on a regular basis.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact the administration office and someone will get back to you. 


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