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RM planning for the future with strong asset management

Posted: February 12, 2020

RM planning for the future with strong asset management

The RM of East St. Paul took advantage of a Federation of Canadian Municipalities grant last year that allowed for the hiring of Jim Kibiuk and the start of the municipality's formal asset management program.
Since June of last year Kibiuk has been working with RM staff on Phase 1 of the program, which included identifying five asset areas the program will initially focus on, which are fleet and mobile equipment, roads network, sewer system, water system, buildings and facilities.
Kibiuk, who has a Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning and is a member of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers, says having a good program in place is crucial for municipalities now and in the future.
"Asset management is a municipality's plan for how to manage municipal infrastructure in order to provide services to residents in a way that meets their expectations and is financially sustainable in the future."
"With aging infrastructure, municipalities can expect to see increases in asset maintenance, operating, renewal and replacement costs going forward," Kibiuk said.
"Once implemented, an effective asset management program will provide a clearer picture of the current state of municipal infrastructure and will help the RM make informed financial planning decisions regarding both the cost and timing of future infrastructure expenditures."
CAO Sheila Mowat says an asset management plan will be crucial going forward because provincial and federal funding will be tied to a strong plan.
"If we don't have a good asset management plan, you won't get government funding.  And that's huge for us on some of our big projects that just wouldn't be economically feasible without having these plans in place," Mowat said.
Moreover, strong asset management makes the RM more efficient.
"By having the evaluation and having your asset inventory tracked you can better plan financial wise when to replace equipment and know how much to put into reserves each year," Mowat said.
"It allows us to make sure our numbers are more reflective of the actual, which definitely makes a difference for planning and for budgeting."
Kibiuk and the RM's asset management team, made up of staff from all departments, are nearing completion of the fleet and mobile equipment registry, which includes all assets such as trucks, loaders, graders, tractors, fire trucks, trailers, lawn care equipment, generators, portable pumps and more.  The registry not only lists specific information on the piece of equipment, but documents its value, condition, repairs it needs and when future replacement will be required.
The team developed an asset management policy to outline the RM's asset management goals, objectives and responsibilities going forward.
 The RM's Freightliner truck is among the assets that have been
identified and put into the fleet and mobile equipment registry.


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