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Overland Water Extension Insurance Please; Check With Your Insurance Provider

Posted: November 26, 2019

With changing weather patterns, increasing intensity of spring and summer storms and unprecedented fall water levels, homeowners are at greater risk of suffering overland water damage.

Water has now surpassed fire as Canada’s leading cause of personal property claims.

East St. Paul homeowners are strongly encouraged to check their insurance policies or speak with their insurance providers to see if they have overland water extension insurance or have access to overland water extension insurance.

Some insurance providers will only allow the purchase of water extension insurance at the time of policy purchase or policy renewal.

Should a homeowner suffer water damage and overland water extension insurance was available, Disaster Financial Assistance may not cover the homeowner’s losses.  


Protect your home:

A back water valve and sump pump with a high water alarm and/or battery back-up could prevent substantial damage.  


Disaster Financial Assistance

Ineligible costs include:

Insurable losses 

Damaged property or items that could have been insured at a reasonable rate are not eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance.

Insurable hazards including but not limited to: snow load, wind damage, sewer or sump pit back-up are not eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance.


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