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Open water and thin ice safety reminder

Posted: November 7, 2019

Open water and thin ice safety reminder

As the temperature starts to drop and waterways begin to freeze over, municipal officials are warning residents to stay off the ice.

Drainage ditches, streams and lakes may have a thin layer of ice tempting people to enter unto ice surfaces.

Ice that is a foot deep in one location can be razor thin only a few feet away.

With the elevated water levels this fall, areas that were considered safe are now subject thin or fragile ice.

Ice that may have formed will be become very unstable as water levels start to recede.

Residents are strongly advised to ensure that children and pets are kept well away from all waterways.

Snowmobilers, skiers and outdoors enthusiasts are being warned to stay off the ice.

Ice must be tested and be at least 10cm thick (4 inches) before it can be considered safe for skating.

Avoid all areas where open water is visible.



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