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PC Jeff Wharton elected in new riding of Red River North

Posted: October 29, 2019

PC Jeff Wharton elected in new riding of Red River North


The provincial re-alignment of electoral boundaries resulted in the creation of Red River North – which includes East St. Paul and St. Clements – and for East St. Paul residents the first new MLA in 20 years in Progressive Con­servative Jeff Wharton.

Wharton, who previously rep­resented the Gimli Riding and is the Minister of Municipal Rela­tions, said he’s looking forward to working in Red River North.

"Over the nine to 10 years that I had the opportunity of being involved in the political scene in the Gimli and St. Andrews riding, and representing them for the last four years, it has been hum­bling and we’ve met some great people and made some great relationships, and done some great things,” Wharton said.

"I’m looking forward to do­ing the same thing in Red River North and growing that partner­ship as we go forward.”

With the shift to Red River North, Wharton finds himself in a riding that features a landscape that includes plenty of rural constituents and plenty of more urban developments found in the southern portion of the riding, including Birds Hill.

He’s excited about the demo­graphics, and prepared.

"I’ve had the fortunate expe­rience in my life to live both in the city and in rural Manitoba and I can certainly understand some of the challenges in both urban and rural and I’m happy to bring that experience to the table in East St. Paul and also St. Clements, being more of the ru­ral area of the riding,” Wharton said.

While campaigning, Wharton said he spoke with East St. Paul residents about the duckweed and algae problems affecting re­tention ponds in the south end of the RM, and he’s discussed it with Mayor Shelley Hart and members of council.

"It’s an ongoing challenge that obviously needs to be ad­dressed, and looking for solu­tions is something Mayor and council are already doing and something we’re hoping to help with as we go forward," Wharton said.

He said he’s spoken with May­or Hart about upcoming infra­structure challenges as well, specifically roads and sewer and water, and he said the province will be looking to partner with the municipality to tackle larger projects to help grow the com­munity in a sustainable way.

Wharton said his experience as Minister of Municipal Relations will benefit him going forward as the MLA for Red River North.

"I can bring some of that ex­perience as Minister of Munic­ipal Relations for the Province of Manitoba...and advocate for those infrastructure projects to move forward in a timely way,” Wharton said.

Wharton paid tribute to Schul­er, saying he’s done not only a great job for the people of East St. Paul over the years, but he’s been a mentor to new MLAs, himself included.

"Ron’s experience has helped me obviously, not only in the East St. Paul area but just as an elected official with 20-plus years experience. Ron brings a host of experience to the table that myself, and some of my new colleagues, have been able to benefit from,” he said.

"Ron’s not going to be missed too much, he still lives in the community, as I do in my com­munity, and he’s going to be there to ensure that we continue the great work that he’s done for the folks in East St. Paul.”

Picture:  Jeff Wharton


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