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ESP Municipal Staff going above & beyond during winter storm

Posted: October 11, 2019

I want to update our residents on the efforts of our municipal staff during this winter storm.
As many of you know, we have already had a lengthy power outage - which continues. Many homes have been without power since 8:00 pm last night. I have personally spoken with our MLA Jeff Wharton today who advises Hydro is doing everything possible to address the many outages throughout the province. For information on Manitoba Hydro outages, call their hotline directly at (204) 480-5900.
Two of our utility staff members came in at 8:00 pm last night when the power went out and they have continued to work all day to keep the water, sewer and lift stations running.
Beginning at 5:00 a.m. this morning, our public works staff had sanders, plows and loaders out cleaning our streets.
Our Fire Department has been very busy attending calls - most have been related to motor vehicle collisions as a result of the road conditions.
Two of our staff members have been assigned to patrol the RM looking for downed trees on roadways and removing them so traffic can flow. Garbage collections were ongoing this morning but as of noon, the contractor has pulled the trucks off the roads.
 Collections for this zone will resume on Tuesday.
Our Operations staff have been salting and shoveling the municipal office lot and walkway as many residents are attending the office for the federal election advance voting located there. Both of the RM’s emergency generators are working and continually being monitored. Having a generator at the RM office is critical to ensure we can respond to residents needs and the RCMP can operate.
The arena banquet hall is our emergency operations back up centre and the generator there ensures the functioning of this building if it is required in an emergency.
Both of these generators have been recently installed to ensure the RM can continue to operate during power outages and emergencies.
Our RM office and Operations staff have been fielding many calls from residents asking about Hydro outages and other matters. Our dedicated staff will continue to work over the holiday weekend as required. I’d like to share with you the efforts made by one staff member just to get into the Operations office this morning.
While driving into the office Danielle hit the ditch and her vehicle began taking on water. She hitchhiked home, called another RM staff member, Kurtis, who picked her up and brought her into the office. When I spoke to Danielle this morning to thank her for her efforts she responded by saying she wanted to be there for the residents.
Thanks to Danielle, Kurtis and ALL of our staff who are working long hours to keep our municipality operating during this winter storm.

Shelley Hart Mayor
shelly Hart


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