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Schuler's election victory brings mixed emotions

Posted: October 7, 2019

Schuler's election victory brings mixed emotions

The celebratory mood of Ron Schuler's latest election victory was tempered slightly by the fact that for the first time since he was elected almost 20 years ago, he won't be representing his home community of East St. Paul.
"East St. Paul is where we raised our family, it's where we shop, it's where we play sports, it's where I get my gas, it's where we go to church, it's where I go for a walk, I mean, East St. Paul has been there for 20 years," Schuler said.
"I love the community, it's a great community.  I'm disappointed that the powers that be decided to split East St. Paul off of Springfield.  I think that's the first time probably in the history of Manitoba that the two of them haven't been together.  I don't know that for 100 per cent but I think that's probably very accurate."
The MLA who served the constituency of Springfield, as it was called when he was first elected in 1999, for 10 years, and then St. Paul for another 10 years, when the riding was redrawn and renamed.  He has sentimental attachments to the riding and it's people.
"I think that Springfield and East St. Paul were a natural fit together.  There is a lot of synergy there," Schuler said.
He also proudly points out that until the September election, he was the "ranking member" of the community, having served longer than any MP, mayor, councillor or school trustee.
He's especially fond of East St. Paul, and says proudly that living here is like living in a park.  The large, mature trees are beautiful, the newly minted Candy Cane Lane is a highlight in the winter and an enjoyable walking path in the warmer months and the Farmers Market is a joy.
"East St. Paul gets a lot of things right," he said.
He's looking forward to serving his new riding of Springfield-Ritchot, which will introduce him to several new communities.
"I've been elected to represent great communities like Niverville, Oakbank, Dugald, St. Adolphe, Ile des Chenes, all of these wonderful communities in Ritchot and they have some really cool features," Schuler said.
"You know, time moves on.  The one thing you can always count on is change.  The change came ... and I always embrace change.  You can't fight it, you have to embrace it and go with it and that's what I'm going to do, but I will always look back at the years that I've represented East St. Paul very fondly."
He also has some advice for East St. Paul's new MLA, fellow PC candidate Jeff Wharton, and really any politician.
"I say this to everyone, nobody elects you to fight with other levels of government.  So ... as a local MLA, I'm there to work with other levels of government, whether it's my MP, the mayor, the council or the school trustees.  Find the common ground, you're not always going to agree, of course not, but work with the other levels and work for what's best for the community," Schuler said.
"That would be my advice for any politician getting elected ... build a better community in the time that you're given, hopefully you leave it in better shape than when you got it."

Pictures:  Schuler represented East St. Paul for 20 years.  He's seen above, clockwise from top, with Mayor Shelley Hart; the opening of the Farmers Market, the Centennial Plaza grant announcement; and the funding announcement for the Bottomley Creek Dike.


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