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Grant money allows RM to accomplish more

Posted: August 29, 2019

Grant money allows RM to accomplish more

The RM of East St. Paul has been awarded approximately $255,000 in grant money from 2017 – 2019.  This impressive amount allows the municipality to optimize its funds by adding matching, or greater grant contributions. The majority of the grant money was used to hire temporary staff. 
Rhonda Tone, the RM’s Human Resources Specialist, says securing grants is an important part of the municipality’s financial prudence.
"It is incumbent upon administrative staff, with the support of council, to seek out and make applications to grants that align with our current and future work,” Tone said.
"Each successful grant assists the RM in advancing identified priorities as well as supporting innovations.”

Grants, whether available through higher levels of government or other organizations, are there for those who seek them out, so it’s important for staff to always be on the look out and be prepared to submit a thorough, well-written application.
The RM has received grants that have allowed it to hire 11 people through successful grant applications and depending on the grant, the salary is either fully or partially funded.
The RM has hired three summer staff – Andrew Baker, Justine McIntosh and Alex Roberecki - who will work a total of 1,050 hours. One position is at the children’s summer camp and two others are in grounds maintenance.
Three other summer positions provide eight weeks of employment for Jordon Cistarelli, a gardener’s assistant, Stephanie Mazzon, an office clerk and Megan Early, an engineer assistant.
Three 16-week grants have brought on board Tianna Mighty, climate change adaptation assistant, Ryan Cowley, parks assistant and Alexa Jaworsky, a gardener’s helper.
Leanne Shewchuk has also been hired on a two-year term through a climate innovation grant and James Kibiuk was hired on an 11-month term through an asset management program grant.
These grants allow the RM to support current programming, maintain and enhance community beautification, reduce our impact on the environment and assist the RM in optimizing the lifecycle of its assets.
Other grants have allowed the RM to improve accessibility in the municipality.  For example, a $5,401 grant allowed for the installation of a power door at the arena.
Mayor Shelley Hart said RM staff members have done a great job of securing grants that allow the RM to undertake and complete important work.
"Credit has to go to our staff.  They have done a great job of being aware of available grants, and then having the skills to successfully apply for them,” Hart said.
"We’ve been able to bring a substantial amount of money into the municipality that allows the RM to provide employment opportunities and work experience to the people we hire while allowing the municipality to get a lot of key work done.”  


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