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Emergency Preparedness Week - Spring Flood 2019 Wrap up

Posted: May 10, 2019

Emergency Preparedness Week

Spring Flood 2019 Wrap up 

This will be the final information bulletin issued by the East St. Paul Emergency Preparedness Committee regarding the 2019 Spring Flood.  The latest information from the Province of Manitoba indicated the Red River crested in Winnipeg on May 1st.  The river has started to slowly recede and the level as measured at James Ave was 16.9 feet on May 7th.  Provided there are no substantial rain falls in the upcoming weeks, it appears the flood threat for our municipality has now passed.  

Unlike some other natural disasters, potential floods occurring when winter snow starts to melt are usually slow forming and there is time for municipalities and organizations to prepare.  Fortunately, near perfect weather affecting the snow melt resulted in no flooding in East St. Paul.  The Red River crest did not exceed 18.5 feet as measured at James Avenue with the operation of the floodway. 

The following is a summary of the activities that occurred in our municipality in regards to this year’s potential flood.

  • Planning in our municipality began in mid-February.  A Flood Preparedness Committee was established and met 4 times for 2019 flood preparation 
  • The municipality had 4000 sandbags in storage and prepared an additional 3500
  • Outfall plugs were sourced and secured for outfall protection.  Outfalls are culverts that drain into the Red River.
  • Divers were contacted and advised of municipal outfall protection required
  • Large volume pumps were secured for pumping requirements
  • 51 aqua dams (totaling approximately 5000 feet) were  tested and repaired as required
  • Residents were kept up to-date on municipal flood preparedness through website and social media platforms
  • Home owners potentially affected by flood waters were contacted directly for flood preparedness initiatives  
  • River level was monitored daily including the weekends 
  • Daily conference calls were held with Manitoba EMO (Emergency Measures Organization)
  • Regular flood preparedness briefings and meetings were held  with EMO officials
  • Regular flood preparedness briefings and meetings were held  with the Minister of Infrastructure Ron Schuler

If you have any questions regarding the 2019 spring flood, please contact the administration office and someone will get in touch with you.


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