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Spring weather reveals mess left by dog owners

Posted: March 22, 2019

Spring weather reveals mess left by dog owners

The melting of winter’s snow has uncovered a mess left behind by dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets.
The RM has received some complaints about the people failing to clean up after their dogs while out for walks in the community. One resident used her own doggie bags to pick up droppings left behind by other owners, and then left the colourful bags on the ground as a reminder to clean up after your pets. 
The RM asks people to be considerate of not only the environment, but others, when walking your dogs.  No one wants
to step in messes left behind and no one wants to look at the messes left behind.
Think of your neighbours, and kids, who might be playing in the area, and please, pick up after your dogs.
Dogs in the RM are also required to be licensed. Dog licences are $5/spayed or neutered and $10/non spayed or neutered. 


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