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2019 Spring Flood Outlook Notice #2

Posted: March 18, 2019

2019 Spring Flood Outlook

Notice #2

         The East St. Paul Emergency Preparedness Committee is providing the following additional information for the residents of East St. Paul regarding the spring flood outlook.

         On March 13th, 2019 a Flood Preparedness Seminar was hosted in Selkirk, Manitoba for municipal officials.

·     As previously stated, the province indicates the risk of major flooding in the Red River Valley remains very high.

·     February 2019 is recorded to be the coldest February in 50 years resulting in frost depth of 1 metre or more.

·     This year’s snow pack has a large moisture content.

·     The Red River Valley south of the border has received well above average snowfall.

·     If there are unfavourable weather conditions (late season snow, spring rains and a rapid melt), conditions on the Red River will be near 2009 levels.

·     The floodway will be put into operation.

·     Ice breaking on the Red River north of Selkirk should be completed by March 22nd.

·     Ensure residents check with their insurance providers if overland flood insurance is available to them.

·     The second flood forecast is scheduled for the end of March but may be issued earlier.

What you need to know

·     The flood committee is meeting on a regular basis. Our mandate is to monitor flood reports provided by province, oversee flood preparation work and provide the most up to-date information to the residents of East St. Paul.

·     The municipality has a supply of sand bags and aqua dams ready to be used. 

·     Work has started to open up ditches and drains and should be completed by approximately March 22nd.

The flood committee receives all related flood information and updates directly from the province.  This is the sole source, most timely and accurate information.

If you have any questions regarding the flood outlook or flood preparations, please contact the administration office and someone will contact you.



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