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Newsletter now four pages, easier to read with larger font

Posted: November 28, 2018

Newsletter now four pages,
easier to read with larger font

Welcome to the RM's new version of our monthly newsletter.  The past few issues have been four pages, as opposed to our regular two-page edition, to accommodate significant events in the community, namely the grand opening of Centennial Plaza and last month's pre-election coverage.
You'll notice this edition is again four pages and we're proud to announce that all future issues will be four pages as well.
The jump from two pages to four allowed us to do justice to the opening of the Plaza, which attracted hundreds of residents and was a wonderful celebration of the history of the RM as well as it's future.  The extra pages also gave us the opportunity to inform residents about things like where and when to vote, who is eligible to vote and pass along important information about which incumbents were acclaimed.
We were pleased with both these issues and decided that continuing with four pages each month would provide us an opportunity to make our newsletter more accessible to residents.  Beginning this month, we've increased the font size to make the articles easier to read.  The font size may be adjusted from time to time for layout and design purposes.
The RM has an Accessibility Plan that ensures equal access and participation for all people, regardless of their abilities.  The plan is a requirement of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) and will be updated every two years.  The RM also has a separate Accessibility for Customer Service Plan.
We've had positive feedback about our monthly newsletters, with residents complimenting us on its content and availability, but we've also had some concerns that the type is too small and can be difficult for some to read.
When we printed our previous four-page issues, we realized it was extremely affordable to add two pages and decided it was time to make the jump to four pages and make changes that will improve readability of the newsletter.
You may also notice some larger photos, again, something we hope will enhance your experience reading about all the good things going on in the municipality.
Other accessibility initiatives the RM has completed include a raised platform at the arena so those with wheelchairs, walkers, canes or strollers can watch the action on the ice from there, finer limestone has been added and packed at the Farmers Market to make it smoother and an application of a non-slip coating to the bricks on the ramp leading to the entrance of the RM office so they won't become slippery during winter.


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