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By-law gives RM and public say in cannabis applications

Posted: September 27, 2018

By-law gives RM and public say in cannabis applications

East St. Paul council has amended portions of its zoning by-law in anticipation of the nation-wide legalization of recreational cannabis this October.
The zoning amendment makes cannabis operations a conditional use in three zones within the RM.  Without the amendment, the zoning by-law may have allowed production, processing/manufacturing or the sale of cannabis related products as a permitted use in parts of the municipality.
Mayor Shelley Hart said banning cannabis in any municipality requires a plebiscite.
This zoning amendment ensures council and residents will have a say in all proposed operations and allows the municipality to review applications for cannabis uses, and hear public input, on a case-by-case basis.
"We chose the option that gives us the most control," Hart said.
"Every time someone wants to open a cannabis operation in East St. Paul, they have to come to council and there will be a public hearing."
Making cannabis operations a conditional use gives council the authority to approve the application, approve it with conditions or deny it.
The amendment, which also changes text of the by-law to introduce general use and definitions for cannabis related uses, makes cannabis operations a conditional use in the Neighbourhood Commercial Zone (CN), Commercial Business Zone (CB) and the Commercial Highway Zone (CH).
Cannabis retailers and distributors are required to obtain appropriate licenses from the appropriate provincial and federal regulators.
Agricultural and industrial-related uses of cannabis will not be permitted anywhere within the municipality.


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