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First phase of Hwy. 59, Perimeter interchange open this Saturday

Posted: September 14, 2018

First phase of Hwy. 59, Perimeter interchange open this Saturday


The first phase of the much-anticipated opening of the PTH 59 and Perimeter Highway interchange will occur at 3 a.m. on Sept. 15.

This initial stage will allow both north Perimeter and PTH 59 traffic through the new interchange.  However, some movements will be detoured until those portions are completed.  The interchange is expected to open fully later this fall, and motorists are asked to drive with caution in this area as construction is completed.

"The anticipation of the highway interchange opening cannot be understated.  For over three years, East St. Paul residents have had a front row seat, watching this project progress,” said Mayor Shelley Hart.

"The interchange brings with it many changes, key among them is safety. We thank the Province of Manitoba and in particular, our MLA Ron Schuler, for ensuring this important infrastructure project was completed.”

Infrastructure Minister Schuler said the interchange is being opened in stages to ensure safety and to effectively integrate the upgraded infrastructure back into use. 

"Our government is committed to ensuring we have quality infrastructure in place at major intersections in the province,” Schuler said.

Approximately 70,000 vehicles a day pass through the interchange. Construction over the past three years has resulted in:

       a new interchange at the intersection of PTH 59 and the Perimeter Highway, Winnipeg’s north Perimeter route;

       realigning the Perimeter Highway, with infrastructure in place to upgrade to six lanes in the future;

       an upgraded intersection at PTH 59 and PR 202 with a traffic signal and additional turn lanes;

       a new crossing at the Perimeter Highway at Raleigh Street / Gateway Street to accommodate an active transportation corridor and a dedicated emergency vehicle crossing; and redirecting Knowles Avenue traffic to the Headmaster Row extension.

Construction began in July 2015 on the $250-million interchange.  Approximately 600 staff worked on the project, for a total of one million hours of work.  The area of concrete pavement used during construction would be enough to completely cover 28 football fields, said Schuler.

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