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Look for East St. Paul notices in the Selkirk Journal

Posted: August 20, 2018

Look for East St. Paul notices in the Selkirk Journal

Beginning on Sept. 4, the RM of East St. Paul will be advertising all notices required by provincial legislation in the Selkirk Journal.
Currently, the RM advertises in the Winnipeg Free Press.
The switch to the Journal, a community newspaper that is free to all East St. Paul residents, makes the ads more accessible to all residents and saves taxpayer dollars, as the Journal’s rates are substantially lower than the Winnipeg daily newspaper.
You should have already received a notice in the mail about the change, along with your tax bill.
This change is being done to ensure better communication with East St. Paul residents.
The Winnipeg Free Press is a subscription paper, and not everyone subscribes to it. It is no longer available for viewing online, except for subscribers.
Beginning Aug. 16, the Journal will be delivered, free of charge, to all East St. Paul residents. Prior to this date, 95 per cent of the RM received the paper.
Notices that will be advertised in the Journal include Public Hearings for Zoning Amendments, Development Plan Amendments, and Secondary Plan Amendments.
Public Notices required under the Municipal Act, such as the Financial Plan and Audited Statements, will also be advertised in the Journal.
The RM will continue to advertise in the Winnipeg Free Press from time to time for items such as job postings to be able to reach as wide an audience as possible. 
All public hearings are also advertised on the Red River Planning’s website at: redriverplanning.com and at the RRPD’s office: 806-A Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk, MB. Public Notices are also advertised online at eaststpaul.com.


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