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East St. Paul improving accessibility throughout RM

Posted: July 16, 2018

East St. Paul improving accessibility throughout RM

East St. Paul council is working to make the municipality accessible to all and the results of a recent survey of residents are helping ensure your concerns are met.  

All municipalities are required by the Province of Manitoba to have an Accessibility Plan. In developing this plan, East St. Paul looked at all municipal buildings and property to determine what barriers are present. 

In order to engage residents, a survey was conducted – online, in person and over the phone – and that helped connect the public’s views with the municipality’s own findings.

More than 100 surveys were completed and respondents identified concerns, but also identified the RM’s strengths.

Some of the barriers to accessibility identified by respondents include:

  • the ramp leading into the administration building can become icy in cold weather;

  • concerns that the opening of Centennial Plaza will displace accessible parking at the administration building and;

  • the arena lacks power-assist exterior doors, washrooms have limited accessibility, height of rink boards limits viewing for those in wheelchairs or with walkers, canes or strollers.

Other concerns noted included accessible parking and walkways at the Farmers Market, accessible play structures and larger print on RM communications and signage.

The RM has already begun to address these issues. A platform has been built at the arena so people with wheelchairs or limited mobility can watch from the platform and have a better view of the ice surface. New power assist doors will be installed as well.

At the administration building, bricks at the entranceway that ice up will be replaced and accessible parking will remain close to the doors.  
At the Farmers Market, finer limestone has been added and packed on the site and at the accessible parking spots to make it smoother for those with wheelchairs or strollers. Council also approved funding in its 2018 budget for a new play structure at Memorial Park and an accessible component will be included in the structure. 

Council is also conducting a pilot project with street signs along Hoddinott Road. The signs will feature larger print that will be easier to read.

The RM’s Accessibility Plan is a living document that will continue to be updated as needs arise. For more on East St. Paul’s Accessibility Plan, go to www.eaststpaul.com.


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