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East St. Paul council delivers fiscally responsible budget

Posted: June 18, 2018

East St. Paul council delivers fiscally responsible budget

East St. Paul Council has worked hard to deliver a budget in 2018 that features a minimal tax increase, while maintaining quality services residents have come to expect.

This year's increase is less than one percent (0.95%), which means a home assessed at $436,800 will see an overall increase of $13.77, or 0.32 percent.  School taxes have decreased this year by three percent.

Mayor Shelley Hart said council has been diligent in working to keep tax increases low.  Over the past four years, East St. Paul's average increase has been 0.54 percent per year.  School taxes, which the municipality has no authority over, have increased by 2.11 percent annually.

Some of the highlights of this year's budget include a new pumper rescue truck for the East St. Paul Fire Department, a play structure for Memorial Park, completion of the Centennial Plaza Legacy Project, a five-tone truck and a loader, work on a preliminary transportation plan, drainage work on Bray Road and Ross Farm Road, and environmental work to remove algae from ponds.

The HVAC unit at the daycare will be replaced as will the roof in one of the arena change rooms.

Another priority of council is building its reserve fund.  In 2014, the RM's general reserve fund sat at $9.3 million.  Through responsible financial management and good planning, council has increased its reserves by $3.5 million or 38 percent, to $12.9 million in 2017.


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