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East St. Paul is getting ready to bloom

Posted: June 5, 2018

East St. Paul is getting ready to bloom!

The Communities in Bloom Committee is well under way for the 2018 summer season!

Last year, East St. Paul participated in their first year of Communities in Bloom and received 4 out of 5 blooms as well as the Canada150 Special Edition Award!  Bloom ratings are rated based on floral display, landscaping, environmental action, urban forestry, energy conservation and community involvement.  The committee and the RM received valuable recommendations from the judges at the annual judges tour, with the focus being on more community involvement, enhancing our commercial spaces and increasing our environmental actions.  

So far:
  • The CiB committee held their first Spring Clean-up, which took place on May 25 with 160 students and teachers from Birds Hill School.  Students and committee members were actively engaged in picking up litter within East St. Paul.  This event was sponsored by Candice Semeniuk, Licensed Realtor with REMAX.

  • The CIB committee will be maintaining the maple leaf floral display at Memorial park.  Keep a look out this summer for a bright red maple leaf honoring our great country.  This floral display is sponsored again this year by Neumann’s Market.

  • NEW ‘Yard of the Week’ program to recognize all the beautiful yards in East St. Paul. Submission begins on July 2 to August 20.  See website for details.

  • The committee is working with local businesses to gather research on their efforts for environmental action and energy conservation.  If you would like to assist the program and send us a list of things you are doing within your building to help the environment and energy efforts, please email tyne.mills@eaststpaul.comto receive your questionnaire.

  • The committee is working with the 55+ Activity Centre and the Created4Me Day Care in creating a shared vegetable garden amongst the two buildings. This garden will be maintained by the children and members of the 55+ Centre.  Sponsorship from Linda Storoschuk, Licensed realtor with REMAX will be dedicated to this project.

  • NEW - "Business Beautification" sponsorship program!  Sponsor the CiB program and receive a pre-arranged floral planter for the season!  Email tyne.mills@eaststpaul.comfor details.

  • The RM will be building a Butterfly Friendly Garden at the Farmers Market.  A presentation and Q&A will follow at the market on July 8 by Cathy Shaluk to discuss the importance of butterfly conservation and how to make your own butterfly garden at home.

  • A composting presentation and Q&A will take place at the Farmers Market on August 12 at 12:30 p.m. sponsored by Debbie Hoydalo-Mandilaras; Licensed realtor with REMAX.

  • Sponsors of CiB so far: Alison Brochu - Neighbors of ESP Magazine, Birds Hill Store, Jonesy’s Restaurant and Lounge, Sunova Credit Union (as of July 1), ECO Green, Candice Semeniuk, Debbie Hoydalo-Mandilaras, Linda Storoschuk, Jamie Glover and Jim Kibiuk.  

Thank you to our volunteers for all their hard work!
Shelley Morris, Carla Kibiuk, Cecil Anderson, Ute Graham,
Ingrid Grywacheski, Miriam Dupas 

For more information about Communities in Bloom, please contact Tyne Mills.
Email: tyne.mills@eaststpaul.com
 Phone: (204) 668-8336 

Click here for Communities in Bloom details


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