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Street Cleaning underway in East St. Paul

Posted: May 23, 2018

Street Cleaning underway in East St. Paul

Street cleaning in East St. Paul starts mid-April of any given year depending on Mother Nature!  

The best time to street clean is when the roads and climate are nice and dry.  Depending on the amount of sand or debris on our streets, street cleaning is a two-step process. 

The Public Works department starts the street cleaning in the driest area of the municipality.  Initially, the excavator with broom will brush the ditches or boulevards to remove any sand or debris onto the street.   Once this has been completed, the street sweeper will attend site to pick-up all the sand or debris that has been swept onto the roadway. 

The length of this clean-up depends on the weather and the amount of sand or debris left behind.  Street sweeping on one street can often take longer than the two-step process.  They may have to attend the site a couple of times during the clean-up. 

To clean every street within East St. Paul can often take close to a month to fully complete - again, depending on the weather.  

Our Public Works department works hard every day to ensure they are providing East St. Paul with the best service possible!

If you have any questions regarding street cleaning in your area, please call Operations at (204) 668-8336 or email operations@eaststpaul.com.


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