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Manitoba EMO conducting test of wireless public alerting system on May 9 at 1:55 pm

Posted: May 8, 2018

Manitoba EMO conducting test of wireless public alerting system on May 9 at 1:55 pm


Manitoba’s Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) will conduct a test of its new wireless public alerting system on Wednesday, May 9 at 1:55 pm during National Emergency Preparedness Week, by sending an alert test to compatible Manitoba cell phones.

This test, the first of its kind, is intended to create public awareness and provide broadcasters with an opportunity to ensure their public alerting equipment works as planned.

On April 6, 2018, wireless public alerting capabilities were launched in Manitoba. What this means is Alert Ready warnings will be sent to smartphones on Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks in Manitoba.

Alert Ready National Public Alerting System is a federal, provincial, territorial all hazards initiative that provides Emergency Measures Organizations (EMO) with a standard alerting capability to warn the public of imminent threats to life safety through radio, cable and satellite television and websites during emergencies like tornadoes, floods and biohazards.

On compatible wireless devices, the emergency alert will begin with a distinct tone known as the Canadian Alert Attention Signal, a vibration and then the visual Emergency Alert banner will display followed by a message text. Broadcast Immediate emergency alerts sent to compatible wireless devices on LTE networks will warn the public about the danger to life safety and how to take appropriate action in the geographic broadcast area. 

In Manitoba, it is prohibited to use cell phones when driving. If you receive an Alert Ready warning while driving remain calm and pull off the roadway at your earliest convenience to view the alert.

For more information on Alert Ready, go to alertready.ca


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