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Province Issues April Spring Flood Forecast

Posted: April 19, 2018

Province Issues April Spring Flood Forecast

Ice is expected to start breaking up and moving this week.  The Red River Floodway gates will likely be in operation by early next week, based on current weather forecasts.  PTH 75 is expected to remain open throughout the run-off period.   

The Red River is expected to peak between approximately 50,000 and 60,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) between April 27 and May 2 at Ste. Agathe.  The peak will reach Winnipeg within 48 hours after the peak at Ste. Agathe.  This flow is similar to the one observed in 2017, which was 54,000 cfs at Ste. Agathe.  The peak water level at James Avenue in Winnipeg is expected to be approximately 19.0 ft.  Last year, for similar flows, the peak level at James Avenue was 19.1 ft. 

Based on the current provincial forecast low lying areas along the Red River should not experience any threat of flooding this spring. 

Municipal employees will monitor Red River levels throughout the spring flood season. Should the municipality receive any information or forecast that there will be increase in river levels that may cause flooding, affected municipal residents will be immediately notified.


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