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ALERT READY - Emergency Alert System

Posted: April 9, 2018

The Launch of Wireless Public Alerting Capability in Manitoba

The Alert Ready National Public Alerting System is a federal, provincial, territorial all-hazards initiative that provides emergency management organizations throughout Canada with a standard alerting capability to rapidly warn the public of imminent or unfolding threat to life-safety.

The Alert Ready system delivers alerts to the public by radio, cable and satellite television, and websites during emergencies such as tornadoes, floods, and biohazard events.

In Manitoba, the Manitoba Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are currently the authorized users of the Alert Ready system and issue emergency alert messages to Manitobans.

As of April 6, 2018 wireless providers will be capable of sending Broadcast Immediate emergency public alerts to individuals with compatible wireless devices such as smartphones on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks in Manitoba.

To learn more about emergency public alerts broadcast in Manitoba, visit Manitoba EMO at www.manitobaemo.ca.


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