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Baranyk family supporting family fun

Posted: March 12, 2018

Baranyk family supporting family fun

When Lenny and Mary Baranyk's oldest son Lenny Jr. started playing hockey, they did what most parents do - they volunteered to help out.

And when Lenny Jr. got to take part in the Tournament of Aces that's been running since the '70s, his parents got to give back to the community by sponsoring the event through the family business, Pratts Wholesale and Food Service.

Son number two, Nicholas, played in the tournament four years later and Lenny and Mary continued to volunteer and sponsor the event.

Today, the boys are 15 and 12, and the family has been sponsoring the Tournament of Aces for about 10 years and according to Mary, they have no plans to stop.

"It's a way of giving back to the community.  East St. Paul is a tight community and everyone's always helping everyone," Mary said.

"To be able to be part of that is an awesome feeling."

About four years ago the family started Pratts Family Fun Night.  Mary said committee members were looking for new ideas to add to the tournament to help raise more money so she, her husband and the tournament committee came up with the idea for Family Fun Night.

"It was a different way of bringing the community together and helping raise money for the tournament," she said.

Pratts Family Fun Night was on March 10 and included the prime rib dinner, cooked by Pratts corporate chef, and all the usual fun that's part of the night, including the free skate and fun and games for the kids.  One difference this year is there was no Jets game on the TV, as the Jets played in the afternoon that day.

Mary's quick to point out that although Pratts is the sponsor, it's truly the tournament committee and the volunteers that bring it all together.

"Pratts Family Fun Night wouldn't be possible without the help of the tournament committee and volunteers.  Pratts supplies the food but the tournament committee and volunteers handle organizing, selling tickets, setting up and all the other stuff involved with putting the night together," she said.

Mary said being involved with the tournament is rewarding and fun.  She encouraged others to volunteer so that the tournament can keep going for years to come.

"I really hope that people will get involved and help support this great event."

The East St. Paul Tournament of Aces runs from Feb. 26 to Mar. 18.  If you'd like to volunteer, contact ESPCC General Manager, Nancy Plustwa at manager@espcc.ca.


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