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New signage at Gateway & Mulder Roads

Posted: March 6, 2018

New signage at Gateway & Mulder Roads

With the recent closure of Pritchard Farm Road at Highway 59, as a result of the Provincial highway construction project, Mulder Road has become one of the main access routes in and out of Pritchard Farm Properties and the surrounding area.

As a visual reminder to motorists, the RM has installed an additional sign just below the stop sign indicating that "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop.”

With the increased traffic on Mulder Road, the RM received several requests from residents requesting the stop signs be changed from Mulder Road to Gateway Road where this is very little traffic. 

The Operations Department researched this possibility and determined that it was not possible due to the proximity of the CEMR railway line just north of Mulder Road. 

Transport Canada’s Road/Railway Grade Crossing standards require a public grade crossing be constructed so that no part of the travelled way of an entranceway or stop line or position of a traffic control device is closer than 30 meters to the nearest rail of the grade crossing.  The Mulder/Gateway intersection is only 12 meters from the nearest rail and therefore well within the clear zone requirement.


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