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Snow Removal Operations Update - March 5, 2018

Posted: March 5, 2018

Snow Removal Operations Update
March 5, 2018

The Operations Department has been working to plow snow on all priority I and II streets in accordance with our Municipal Snow Removal Policy. The snow plow operations that are being undertaken today, March 5th, is consisting predominately of the removal of snow from the drive lanes within the RM. 
Staff are working hard and putting in longer hours to ensure we provide the best possible service to our residents. Staff are hindered in their progress due to the large amount of heavy wet snow and therefore today's operations are progressing slower than anticipated.
There will be no removal of windrows on March 5th due to the extensive plowing operations.  Windrow removal for seniors on our current windrow removal list will begin on March 6th. For all other residents, staff will only be able to look at clearing windrows from driveways once all the priority I and II streets have been cleared and the windrow is in excess of 450mm (18”) in height.   
For March 6th and throughout the week, staff will continue plowing operations and will focus on widening streets which will also include the use of a loader to remove windrows from driveways due to the widening operations. 
We will do our best to have the roadways and driveway windrows, as required per policy, cleared as soon as possible and ask for your patience.

Thank you.   


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