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ESP Legion 215 gets a new bar and renovated hall

Posted: February 20, 2018

ESP Legion 215 gets a new bar and renovated hall

The volunteers who transformed the Legion hall, left to right, Grant Turzak,
Derel Kearny, June Leveque, 'Porky" Kachur and Jim Mowbray. 
Missing are Erin Leveque and Ken Chernetski.

There are changes underway at the local legion, and benefactors will be those who need to rent a space for a social event.

Located in East St. Paul, the Henderson Highway Legion 215 has a new bar that was constructed during the month of January, and dedicated volunteers have renovated the basement hall.

Legion President Gord Machej said they contracted the work for the bar replacement and he hopes everyone will stop by to check it out this month.

The basement hall, which was in need of updating, was tackled by volunteers, who painted and put up a wall.  Upgrades to bathrooms and lighting will come later this year.

Machej said the space was in need of some freshening up, and he hopes it will translate into more people renting it out.

"It looks good now.  A few renovations and some new paint to brighten it up have really made a big difference," Machej said.

Everyone's encouraged to come and check out the renovations, or take part in any of the numerous activities at the Legion, which include Tuesday crib nights, Chase the Ace on Wednesday, Thursday dart nights and Friday and Saturday meat draws.  If you were wanting to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 4 with a crowd, you could have joined them at the Legion.

And if you're looking to have a little fun, get some exercise and enjoy the wonderful winter weather, sign up for the Legion's annual Snow Golf Tournament, which starts at noon on March 3.

For more information on Snow Golf, or any Legion 215 activities, visit their website at hendersonlegion.ca.


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