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Silver Ridge condos a community within a community

Posted: December 11, 2017

Silver Ridge condos a community within a community

L to R: Janet and Wes Wilgosh, Marion Desilets and
Carla Devlin in the Wilgosh condo

Marion Desilets had a quick answer when asked what she would have done if there were no Silver Ridge Condos.
"Cry", she laughed, before admitting tears likely would have flowed if the new building hadn't gone up at the corner of Birds Hill Road and Agar Street.
"But I didn't have to think about it too long because I met Carla far enough in advance of me selling my house that the decision was kind of taken away from me."
Carla is Carla Devlin of Carrington Property Developments and she'd already been given the green light by East St. Paul council to build the eight-unit condo/apartment building when she ran into Desilets.
Their meeting came at the perfect time for Desilets.
"I sold my house a year ago, and by the grace of karma or whatever I met Carla and she knew I was selling, but I didn't know she was building," Desilets said.
"She let me know what she was building and even at that time a year ago I said 'I want a spot here'."
Desilets, who's lived in East St. Paul since 1995 and raised her two kids here, moved into a main floor unit as soon as it opened.
She lives below her long-time friends, Janet and Wes Wilgosh, who were looking to downsize at the same time and were not looking forward to leaving the community.
They were talking to Devlin about renting at one of her complexes in Winnipeg when she dropped a bombshell.
"She said 'well, I'm actually building in Birds Hill'.  I went 'in Birds Hill'?  Really?" Janet said.
"She didn't know that we were from out here.  I said 'oh my, this is perfect'."
The old friends are now part of a community within their home community.  Silver Ridge features tenants who range in age from 28 to mid-80's, and they're all connected, whether by blood, or hockey or from "making perogies at church," Desilets laughed.
And Devlin said she noticed right away that life at Silver Ridge wasn't like life in any of the other properties she handles.
"I think the greatest thing is when I come here to do something, they're all sharing wine, they're on each others patios, it's like a community environment.  My other buildings, yes, a few say hi and talk outside, but they don't share that atmosphere together," Devlin said.
Here it feels like a community amongst the building.  It's really nice.  When I saw them sharing wine, I put the fire pit in so they'd have a place to gather.  It's nice."
For Desilets, who rented one of Devlin's properties in Winnipeg until the condos were ready, she couldn't believe her good fortune.
"I kept texting her saying 'are you sure this is gonna happen'," she laughed, adding she loves her place, where everything is new.  "I've never had everything new."
Janet and Wes house sat for a friend after they sold their home and then traveled, and put their trust in Devlin's word that their new home was taking shape in their absence.
"Carla said when you get back it will be ready.  And it was," Janet said.
Silver Ridge is the first multi-family building ever built in Birds Hill, and Desilets and the Wilgoshs hope for other people's sake, it's not the last.
"There's so many other people we talk to that envy our situation," Wes said.
"I don't think anybody really wants to leave here, if they've been here for all those years."


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