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Winter Safety Tip: WINTER STORMS

Posted: November 29, 2017


Blizzards, ice storms and heavy snow falls can cause power outages from a few hours to several days. If you are at home when this happens:
  • Stay calm – your house will keep you warm for several hours. 

  • Turn off all electrical appliances. 

  • Begin using an alternate heating unit before the house cools down.

  • Never use a barbecue or portable cook stove in the house or a garage.

  • If freezing is possible, turn off the main water valve, drain the water lines and put antifreeze in the toilet bowl, sink and bath drains. Turn off and drain the hot water heater.

  • If you are traveling during a winter storm and become                                                      stranded in your vehicle, stay in the vehicle. Do not panic.

  • Check the exhaust pipe to make sure it is not blocked with snow.

  • Keep a window partially opened.

  • Run the engine sparingly for heat.

  • Avoid overuse of the headlights. Use the interior dome light at night, as an emergency signal.

  • Do not let all occupants sleep at the same time.
If you have pets or livestock, keep extra food/feed on hand. Provide shelter, especially for young and small animals. Keep the water source flowing. Most animals die from dehydration because the water source was frozen, not from lack of food. Keep household pets inside or in a dry place.

General tips
Listen to the radio or TV for additional information and instructions from local officials.  Plan to have a battery-powered radio available if the power goes out.


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