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East St. Paul represented at natural asset workshop

Posted: October 6, 2017

East St. Paul represented at natural asset workshop


Pictured from left to right: Honourable Rochelle Squires - Minister of Sustainable Development, Shelley Hart - Mayor of East St. Paul, Colleen Sklar - Executive Director of PMCR, Janice Lukes - City of Winnipeg Councillor, Terry Zdan, Dr. Annette Trimbee - President of University of Winnipeg, and Sherril Matthes - Partner at Honest Agency.


Mayor Shelley Hart, along with the Mayors and Reeves from 23 municipalities in the Capital Region and in the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg, welcomed experts from across Canada who provided tangible examples and tools on what other communities are doing to measure natural assets, and how we may begin the conversation here in Manitoba. Across Manitoba, our water, wetlands, agricultural land and urban forest provide services that if not measured, will be missed. 

Over the two-day event, leaders from government, business, industry and knowledge institutions explored ways we can begin to incorporate natural assets onto our balance sheets. Natural assets are the natural ecosystem features that provide service that would otherwise require engineered solutions - which are often cost-prohibitive and don’t necessarily provide a level of resiliency to meet the demands of the future.

Every day, decisions are being made on how to provide services to our communities with no way to value what our natural assets bring to the equation.Keeping Manitoba Liquid was the beginning of a much bigger conversation, one that will allow us to ensure we are measuring and managing our natural assets in tandem with our traditional asset management framework in order to realize our full return on investment.




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