Climate Adaptation Plan

Climate Change Advisory Committee

A changing climate is expected to change the pattern of weather that we are used to seeing – the kind of weather we get and when, including the types of storms and their frequency.  These changes are expected to impact our growing season, the infrastructure we rely on, our recreation opportunities and the services we need.   To respond to this, the RM of East St Paul is developing a climate adaptation plan to help our community identify what a changing climate will mean for our municipality and what actions we can take to address risks and take advantage of the opportunities. 

To help develop this plan, the RM invites community members to participate on an advisory committee in support of the development of a local Climate Change Adaptation Plan.  The RM is looking for a cross section of members who will represent all aspects of our community. 

The Advisory Committee is a non-political body that will share its local knowledge to provide input and advice into the development of the RM’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan.  Advisory Committee members will provide input and suggestions on approaches and actions, share local knowledge, provide advice on communications and engage the broader community.  They will also act as ambassadors, help neighbours, friends, and colleagues find information on the climate adaptation project and encourage others to participate through the public engagement program.  The term of the Committee is September 2019 through January 2021 with 8 in-person meetings anticipated over this timeframe. 

Expressions of Interest are due on Sunday August 26, 2019!


To view the Terms of Reference, click here.


To download an Expression of Interest form, click here.

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