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Would you like to help deter crime and improve safety in East St. Paul? Can you contribute a few hours of your time a month? If so, the Citizens on Patrol Program needs you!

An application form can be found here

The Citizens on Patrol Program (C.O.P.P.) is a community-based crime prevention initiative. The goal is to improve safety in the community through deterrence, education and awareness. This means providing a presence in the community through patrols; educating Manitobans on crime prevention and auto theft prevention; and increasing Manitobans' awareness on crime related issues such as theft, auto theft and speeding. The provincial network for C.O.P.P. in Manitoba is co-ordinated through Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and supported by Manitoba Justice, the RCMP and the Winnipeg Police Service through the Provincial Advisory Committee. Hot Link to Provincial Website

Members volunteer their time to patrol the community in vehicles, on bikes or by foot and help deter crime by serving as additional eyes and ears for the police. They always work in pairs and observe and report suspicious or criminal activities but do not get involved themselves - they leave that to the police.

The East St. Paul C.O.P.P. was established in 1999 and currently has about 60 members. Many have joined because they themselves have been a victim of crime and are taking steps to combat crime in their neighbourhood. These members have completed a mandatory training session provided by the Provincial C.O.P.P. network. Through the training you learn what to do when on patrol (i.e. what to look for and how to report it) so you can start with greater confidence.

Speedwatch is a Manitoba Public Insurance road safety initiative geared at driver education. Volunteers set up a display board in designated areas throughout the community over the summer season. Drivers are made aware of their actual speed and it should prompt speeding drivers to slow down. The goal of the program is to reduce the incidence of speeding and speed related problems by educating drivers and prompting speeders to change their driving behaviour through education and awareness.

We need volunteers to help patrol and conduct speedwatch.
If you would like to help make our community safer, please contact East St. Paul Citizens on Patrol at 223-5755 or Training is provided and your patrol expenses are covered.

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